What is World of Humanism about?

World of Humanism is where subjects are covered that are of a personal interest to me, and these include: science, ethics, philosophy, psychology, history, theology, politics and retrospectives.

What is humanism?

Humanism is a non-religious philosophy of life that respects the rights, and promotes the wellbeing of the agency of humanity, be it individually or collectively. Humanists accept that this short life is all that we have, so we live for the here and now. Humanism is based on ethics which is acquired from knowledge and reason, and deep rooted scepticism which supports the scientific method. Humanists understand that the universe is natural and it has no decisive meaning, so it’s up to the individual to give their life meaning through virtuous actions and as Emmanuel Kant said, through good will, which is duty to do good deeds without the promise of rewards. Humanists are open to interpretations changing and criticism through discussion, and that one thing is certain. One day we will die, and it’s paramount that whilst on this Earth we treat everyone as equal regardless of their beliefs, race, or sexuality. Freedom, liberty and justice is the only way we can achieve happiness.

Are you religious?

Some of my religious views may not be to everyone’s liking, so I suggest you click with caution. I’m an extremely outspoken anti-theist, and a life-long atheist, but that said, I find the subjects surrounding religious belief and traditions fascinating.

Are you writing articles to cause controversy?

Some subjects that I cover in my blog may be of a controversial, or a sensitive nature, and I’m not afraid of asking questions and approaching subjects that some readers may find taboo, or upsetting. At no point do I wish to endorse controversial historical figures that I discuss, or claim allegiance with them.

How do we know what you’re writing is accurate?

Every time I quote the Bible, it’s from the ‘King James Version‘, and I always use the ‘Oxford dictionary‘ when I present examples of a definition. I use both of these to create a level of consistency. Every subject that I approach, I do so from knowledge and research, and if I quote someone I will provide the source. I cross examine everything I’m uncertain about so that my articles are as free from errors, and inconsistencies.

What if I disagree with you?

Everyone is welcome to comment, and if you think I’ve made an error then by all means other reply, or contact me at woh@mail.uk and I will respond in due course.