There was a time… (quick rant)

There was a time when humans were quite without knowledge of the universe. They didn’t know that the stars were perhaps the Sun of their very own solar system, or that the Earth was an oblate spheroid in a heliocentric system that orbits a nuclear fusion fuelled star that’s 93,000,000 miles away. We know what the speed of light is in a vacuum, and that known galaxies are as far as 13,000,0000,000 light years away. We are but a mere speck of dust in an ever-expanding Universe, and we literally have no concept of what could possibly be out there…

But humanity needed to feel special.

They needed to think that their place in our incomprehensibly vast Universe is unique, and invented gods to encourage the uneducated, naive and gullible common folk that their pointless lives had purpose if they submitted to the will of the *insert preferred creator/deity* and obeyed their every command; that’s usually given through a middle-man like Moses, or Muhammad.

To some extent I can understand their ignorance and nativity as humanity wasn’t ready to examine the Universe, so religion took a hold and offered an explanation for the reason for our existence, yet at the same time the people that wrote Holy scripture didn’t know why the Sun disappeared at night. Years later some religions still claimed that we were in a geocentric system and everything rotated around us because god the creator put us at the centre of the universe because we’re fabulous, yet often oblivious to how extremely arrogant and obtuse they are.. but after all, the religious often claim we are made in god’s image.

But, that was all in a time when humanity knew no better. There are currently three probes from Earth on and around Mars’ orbit looking for signs of life. Scientists are finding cures to diseases like cancer every day. People are getting nerve-controlled prosthetics, or nano-surgery within the brain..

Yet still there’s a vast number of people who believe absolute nonsense about the origin of the universe and all that’s within by thinking we were created by a god.

Billions have died in wars. Billions have died through illness and disease and this has all been deemed by their loving god as perfectly acceptable or else he’d have intervened and prevented suffering.

Children dying of cancer, or at the hands of a serial sex offender. Or thousands dying in disasters which happen within a natural world, but god has a plan they say so they ignorantly accept the suffering because it’s god’s will. . Only he knows why because he’s all-powerful god.

There was a time… and that time is nigh…