Most of you will know me as: ‘ΉΣIӨП, which is a name I borrowed from one of my favourite bands, Mogwai. Helicon is a mountain in Greece, located at Thespiai, Viotia, and in Ancient Greece it was known as (Ἑλικών), and has much mythology surrounding it. Both Pegasus, and Narcissus have legends relating to mount Helicon, as well as the ancient Muses (Μοῦσαι) of knowledge, literature and art.

I’m from the north of England, and my name is Karl. Since creating my Twitter account, I’ve engaged with many people from conspiracy theorists to theist apologists, so I decided to research subjects that I’m interested in to present articles that people may find useful, or interesting to read. As you can guess by the title of the website, I’m a humanist, and I’ve been an official member for about 18 months, after reading the https://humanism.org.uk/ website and finding myself agreeing with everything they stand for, and campaigns they are fighting to promote. With them being a registered charity, I became an official member and pay a monthly subscription.

I have many interests, that have grown over time, but I’ve always been a keen follower of science, and see myself as an amateur historian, as I’ve researched a great deal of historical events. Since joining Twitter several years ago with my previous account, that got locked because I’m too outspoken, I took an interest in theology, and not because I have any faith, but because I find it fascinating, and started reading about types of philosophy, psychology and ethics, which you’ll find I’ve written about on this site. I hope you enjoy your time here.