The people vs. god

Just imagine hypothetically that a Charlatan like ‘Ken Ham‘, ‘Pat Robertson‘, ‘Ray Comfort‘, or ‘Kenneth Copeland‘ took the argument of the existence of God to the ‘Supreme Court of the United States of America‘ (SCOTUS) to get a final and ultimate decision on whether God existed. Also imagine that it’s being turned into a ‘Netflix documentary‘ with behind the scenes footage and interviews. Obviously they’ve got a financial arsenal behind them all, so they’d be able to hire the best possible defence, but instantly there’s a problem. They wouldn’t hire an ‘nonChristian‘, so already their argument is biased, and who would really want to be the person to lose perhaps the biggest ‘high profile‘ court case in history?


‪”Can I bring forth the first witness, please.”‬


‪”They are already here”‬




‪”All around us, and everywhere”‬


‪”Present your witness, or I will charge you with contempt of court”‬


‪”God is everywhere, but you have to accept him into your heart before he makes himself known to you”‬


‪”Case dismissed”‬

‪There’s a strong possibility that this is as far as any case would ever get attempting to prove any God exists. The first major problem is deciding which god, and which denomination they all agree is the one to be represented. As we all know, there are many sectors of Christianity, before we even consider any other faiths. So for argument sake we will go with the standard genocidal maniac that many of the fundamentalists in America worship.‬

‪So what evidence do they have that a God exists?‬

‪• The Bible‬

‪• Superstition‬

‪• Assumption‬


‪Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s all they’ve got? What they think are genuine truths have no basis whatsoever , and it’s all hearsay and speculation which has either been drummed into them as a child, or the society they live in has made them into one of the flock. If they took the Bible into a court room and used it as evidence of anything, it would be classed as insubstantial. The reasoning for this is the lack of proof of it being authentic or genuine, as how can anyone prove that it’s the word of God, or the stories from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John being genuine stories about Jesus.‬


‪The superstition is obviously rooted from the Bible, but some Evangelical Creationists believe that the Earth is less than 12,000 years old, and people like Ken Ham claim that man coexisted with Dinosaurs, despite the scientific evidence dating the last dinosaurs existing over 65,000,000 years ago, and is said to have been the ‘Triceratops‘. These same people believe in the 6 day creation and the ‘Adam and Eve‘ story, but once again there’s no evidence of creation, yet the evidence for evolution is abundant and overwhelming, and just because it doesn’t fit their narrative, doesn’t make it any less true. Many creationists say that a design needs a designer, but this is just speculation, as nothing whatsoever proves God designed anything, and the moment any alien life, even unicellular is discovered, it will prove the Bible as one huge scam. I so wish a discovery is made in my lifetime, as there are many places in the Universe with water, and water generally means life.‬


‪There’s an old saying that says ‘assumption is the mother of all fuck ups’, and there’s good reason for this, as assumption is similar to faith in that both words consider something as true without proof. One of the biggest assumptions with Christianity is what happens after death, and making sure you end up high up in Heaven and not Hell. Theists as a whole aren’t capable of reason, as they believe what they’re told and more often than not they won’t accept other possibilities. They don’t know what will happen after death, no one can as no one has died, experienced life after death and returned to tell the tale, and provided solid evidence of the situation.


‪The ‘scientific method’ is a way of finding answers about the material world, and it involves strict principles so any theory can be repeated and tested to form a conclusion. Whilst there may be guess work at first regarding hypotheses, eventually it will get to the stage where there are answers and evidence to work with, but with the belief in God it’s not materialistic, it’s spiritual so it can’t ever be classed as authentic until the spiritual world is proven, but how can that ever be done? Faith and belief don’t work on evidence, or facts, they work on what a person thinks in their heart and that kind of mindset can never go into a court and be taken seriously. ‬ No lawyer could even begin to attempt to prove the existence of any God when the evidence is purely subjective, and speculation. ‬

‪Case closed. ‬

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