Why do theists insist atheists are all psychopaths?

As well all know, ‘atheists‘ enjoy nothing more than building a fire in their garden, inviting round a few devout ‘Satanists‘ round to sacrifice a virgin or two (if we can find some), and feast on fresh babies. Why would we do this I hear you ask? It’s simple, atheists are morally bankrupt, have no ethical foundation, and instead of making a sandwich we choose to eat babies, as to be blunt, who’s going to miss them? It’s not like we have to take accountability is it? We can do whatever we like.

In all seriousness, what a preposterous view many theists have of atheists. At the end of the day we are all human, but one group worships God/s, and the other doesn’t. If all atheists adopted a similar mindset then we’d accuse all Catholics of being child abusers, all Christians as being gun-toting slave owners and all Muslims as suicide bombers, but we know this isn’t the case, and it’s downright ‘juvenile‘ and ‘ridiculous‘ to even contemplate this. So why do so many theists of various faiths insist on comparing atheists to nothing more than psychopaths, who are controlled by ‘instinct‘ and ‘animalistic‘ tendencies?

It leads us once again down the ignorant ‘holier than thou‘ route where many theists believe that if you don’t worship their God, and follow their doctrines then you’re no better than a subhuman savage. How can someone claim that without God in your life then by default you’re a psychopath, and more than likely also a sociopath, which essentially makes you quite an undesirable person?

A ‘psychopath‘ is a form of ‘antisocial personality disorder‘, which can range from mildly obnoxious to potentially being a serial killer. Often psychopaths are void of emotions like empathy, compassion and remorse, because they have no concept of the consequences that come with harming people, and will often ‘lie‘, ‘violate‘ and ‘manipulate‘ people to achieve their goals in life.

A ‘sociopath‘ will play mind games with people, lie and manipulate to turn people against each other to paint them in a perfect light. They’ll attempt to come across charming but will be unable to control their deceit and won’t understand, or choose to acknowledge that they hurt other people’s feelings as they’ll have a sense of ‘superiority‘ that cannot be reasoned with. Whilst both aren’t quite the same they are very similar, and aren’t exactly desirable traits.

I’ve never actually directly been called a psychopath or a sociopath, but the accusations from many theists towards people of no faith suggest many of the symptoms of both disorders. Like the disregard of the alleged ‘ethical boundaries‘ that are stepped over, or the alleged lack of ‘morality‘ and ‘empathy‘ atheists have as they’ve no moral framework without God in their lives. I will provide a few examples from Twitter today, as it’s the same type of sweeping statement that I’ve read time and time again.

So because I’m an atheist, I can do what I want because I’m not accountable to a God I don’t believe in? Isn’t this why we have laws, to try and keep an order to society, and have courts of law to bring perpetrators of crime to justice? Just because I don’t have faith or belief in a God, doesn’t mean that I could go out and rape, or kill and think it’s acceptable. Who would unless their brain isn’t wired up correctly? Does this mean that only because they have a fear of their God then if they didn’t have him then their temptation might be too strong to stop themselves from murdering someone? Do they need to be told by a Holy book that taking a life is a sin, and if they didn’t have the book they’d be confused, and not know what to do? Of course not, as they’ve been brought up in a society, and to survive within a society you have to follow the ground rules. You get taught wrong and right from being a child, and as you get further through life you realise that every action has a reaction, and it’s your job to try and make your actions positive and not negative towards other members of your society. This is how you create a social circle of friends, meet a partner and maybe start a family of your own, where you have to teach your children how to be a decent human being. At the end of the day, everyone has a choice, and regardless of being a theist or an atheist is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. A deeply religious person could still turn out as a psychopath, and vice versa, an atheist could be the most perfect morally upstanding citizen.

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