Geographical Indoctrination

What many theists fail to understand is that their faith is indoctrinated into them by their families, and the society they belong to, and their faith is often the result of where they were born. I was born in the north of England in a town that’s far from being religious, and most of the people I know lead religion free lives. But forty five minutes away in a car and you can visit Blackburn and Burnley, which is predominantly descended from Pakistan, and India, and there’s a vast Islam culture.

Take a trip to the Bible Belt of the United States of America and the majority of people are evangelical with a Church on almost every street corner. It is very rare that you’d encounter a Hindu, Sikh or Taoist, unless they’re an immigrant. Visit South America and there’s a massive Roman Catholic population. Go to Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Arab nations and most people will follow Islam. They’ll have had Allah drummed into them, and be taught never to question their religion, and won’t even entertain the thought of another God.

So depending on where your born often determines your faith, so why do theists so vehemently defend their religion, when if they were born in another nation, they’d vehemently defend the religion that they were indoctrinated with there? It makes no sense to me, and this is why I can’t take theists seriously. Obviously there are places that are multi-cultured and multi-faith, but these are generally cities. Go out of the cities and there are dominant faiths, and it’s like this everywhere in the world.

Theists often claim that their faith is from critical thinking and that their God is the one true God, but if they lived somewhere else they’d make the same claim. Religion is indoctrination that starts at home, and continues at school and at church. It’s literally a form of brain abuse, and by the time they’re old enough to understand, the damage is often already done.

‪”If you tell a big enough lie, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” – Adolf Hitler

Whilst I’m NOT obviously advocating any action by Hitler, this quote sums up indoctrination perfectly, which means forcing ideology and doctrines on someone who hasn’t the freedom to question them.